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Frequently Asked Questions

CoinStop is a multipool where you direct your hashpower to an algorithm and the pool chooses which coins are most profitable to mine for you. (Please note: This is NOT a solo mining pool. You can not select a coin in an algorithm to mine exclusively.)

You can be paid out in any of the currencies that CoinStop mines and has a visible coin symbol.
Non-BTC payouts depend on that coin being mined as your BTC balance is traded internally by our system to your currency of choice. If we have not or are not mining that currency your payouts will be delayed until the pool has mined the blocks for you to get paid. If you notice in the pools status that the currency is red, it means there is not sufficient amount of the currency to pay miner(s). It's recommended to use BTC as any other coin could be removed at anytime and payouts will not occur.
-- BTC is the only guaranteed payout currency

> You use your Bitcoin wallet address as the user name -u and c=BTC in the password field -p.
example command for cgminer:
-o stratum+tcp:// -u 3K3pqEKnR3jXDifTCNXviVpRmqv6j5C1SX -p c=BTC

You must add the c=symbol in the password field to set the wallet correctly as shown above. Sometimes the system does not always auto detect the wallet address and symbol. It is best to join discord and talk to @JoeH .
(Please note, if the c=symbol is not set correctly, do not mine to that wallet address until the issue has been resolved.)

If you kept mining and payouts were already sent before your wallet was corrected, you can retrieve those funds by importing the private key for that address into the wallet of the currency which the funds where sent to. Payouts are not re-issued as those funds are already paid. If your payout wallet address is set wrong.

The pool is short on this currency and until more blocks are found your payout to this currency (coin) will be delayed.
BTC is the only guaranteed payout currency

Only if the coin is the only one in an algorithm that you want to mine.However, CoinStop is not a Solo Mining Pool, most Algorithms have more than one coin.

NiNJA coins are coins that aren't found on most other pools, and to help secure the profitability, they are set as NiNJA.
Also coins that are already severely behind on payouts have also been set as NiNJA. You will receive rewards for finding these blocks.

Please visit the main page to the site for that info, as this changes from time to time.

No. CoinStop does not offer this, funds can not be exchanged to a different wallet address.

Visit the main page of the site and click on the Wallet tab at the top of the page and enter / paste in your wallet address that you would like to see stats / earnings on.

There is no general cut-off time for these payouts.

To set a worker name for a miner you will need to use the password field, examples shown below
-p Alpha1,c=BTC